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Digital enterprise
has no boundaries


Economic instability, geopolitical tensions and technological revolutions stimulate market evolution increasing the complexity of various regulatory frameworks and, consequently, of cross-border transactions. Only those who evolve can keep pace with this fast-changing environment.

By combining competency with technology, we enable our clients to create a market-beating, sustainable strategy focused on their individual business objectives.

Leave behind the ordinary.


Platforms dedicated
to your business


We industrialize technological assets and production processes into innovative digital platforms integrated with value-added services that enable business leaders to create new, more efficient business models that leverage modern work ecosystems.

We team up


We have one common goal. 
Creating valuable ecosystems and environmental sustainability while accommodating individual needs and satisfying professional aspirations.


Our people and their personal and professional aspirations are our priority. At Dedicated, we pursue continuous improvement through ongoing training and sharing of learning experiences in an inclusive and multicultural work environment.

Environmental sustainability

A digital company innovates while nurturing human wellbeing and the health and safety of the environment.
A low carbon footprint is a business imperative for Dedicated. That is why we favour smart working, energy efficient offices, and environmentally certified suppliers.

Social Responsibility

Our role as innovators in society drives our daily choices, strengthening our commitment to all our stakeholders, the broader community and young people in particular.
At Dedicated, we strive to create ongoing growth opportunities and equal treatment for all, ensuring that everyone’s needs receive fair attention.

On both sides of the world

Our business model around the world is diversified according to geographical area and company function at national and international levels.