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What are the characteristics of
e-invoicing in France?

The drive towards greater efficiency in the French public administration resulted in the creation of a public portal (ChorusPro) for B2G e-invoicing. On the other hand, the strong deployment of EDI in the automotive and retail sectors is conditioning the regulatory environment in France towards the adoption of a hybrid model of B2B invoicing.

The French regulatory environment

Since 2020, public administrations and their suppliers (B2G) have been required to invoice electronically. In addition, a legal framework published in 2021 makes B2B e-Invoicing mandatory from 2024, and also includes the transmission of data on international and B2C transactions and on payments.

B2G: Chorus Pro public portal for PA and suppliers

B2B: comes into force from 2024-2026, with a model based on PDP (plateforme de dématérialisation partenaire) and various technological standards

e-Reporting: reporting of VAT data on all transactions that do not pass directly through the PDP is obligatory

Managing the
e-invoicing process

Those companies subject to mandatory e-invoicing will have to use authorized PDP platforms to communicate all VAT-related transactions to the Direction Générale des Finances Publiques (DGFiP), including:

  • domestic invoices issued, or an extract of the VAT data, and
  • data regarding international transactions and payment (e-reporting).

They will be free to choose between a PDP platform or the public invoicing portal.

B2G Chorus Pro, the government e-invoicing portal, allows the use of the UBL 2.2 (OASIS), CII 3.0 (UN/CEFACT), and Factur-X invoicing formats

B2B – The Factur-X format was specifically designed to meet SME’s requirements for simplicity by combining PDFs and XML attachments.

e-Reporting identifies the transmission of data regarding VAT-related transactions to the tax administration.

Looking at the rest of Europe

Currently, regulatory compliance varies from country to country.
Discover what the e-Invoicing policy is in Germany and Spain.

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