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Platform and services / Digital Microservices Platform (DMP)

Construct your digital future

DMP is our digital services platform dedicated to the future-oriented company that considers efficiency a business imperative because the enterprise focused on growing and competing in new markets defines winning strategies based on innovative technologies and solutions in every process.

Create value by harnessing the power of technology

Modernize your business models rapidly with our innovative and scalable solutions based on the power and flexibility of the Cloud and Dedicated Process Outsourcing.

Digital platform with a professional and high-performing Cloud

Unified management of individual services (EDI, Peppol, e-Invoicing)

Business-oriented components

24h support available

Security comes from a winning strategy

Data security, transaction certainty, and information privacy are crucial to ensure service continuity in the core functions of a business.

A scalable, stable cloud-based microservices platform to guarantee excellent service and performance levels.

An extensive, reliable monitoring system to ensure minimum response times and accurate management of any exceptions.

An infrastructure based on the Security First principle allows us to exceed the expectations of those who value quality.

A network of opportunities

Rapidly ramp up your network of relationships, opportunities and successes.
Improve your Vendor Rating. Penetrate international markets. Satisfy your most demanding clients. Optimize supply chain performance.
With our Digital Microservices Platform (DMP), your core business will realize significant benefits from your investments.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Get started with EDI for greater international competitiveness and to leverage global supply chains.

Peppol Access Point

Our Peppol Access Point facilitates your transactions with European Public Administrations and more.


Access an integrated electronic invoicing solution fully compliant with national and international standards.


A customizable solution you can rely on, thanks to its many accessory services, from direct integration with ERP systems to the compliance archiving (i.e. conservazione sostitutiva under Italian regulations) of documents.

A reliable partner

We strive for Total Quality Management (TQM), implementing PDCA methodologies in development and CI-CD techniques in all our infrastructural, procedural and software components.


Security drives the development of each DMP component and is assured via the collaboration of cybersecurity experts and careful protection of sensitive data.


Business Continuity principles guide our approach to customer satisfaction and lead all technological and organizational measures.


Performance is the ability of processing millions of documents combined with the capacity of delivering event tracking, certified data, and optimal incident resolution time.

For you and your business

Access DMP, an integrated and flexible platform – available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, featuring a competent and proactive support team that monitors every service (EDI, Peppol, e-Invoicing and App-as-a-Service).

DMP integration with SAP

Manage data workflows and services from within our proprietary Digital Microservices Platform solution which puts everything you need to know to plan a native, reliable and scalable integration of DMP with your SAP ERP system at your fingertips.

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