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Platform and services / Integration

Are you ready to construct the digital future of your organization?

We developed the Dedicated Digital Microservices Platform (DMP) to help you transform your company.

SAP ERP systems

Integrate your systems with

We developed all the DMP services to fully integrate with SAP ERP systems.
The use of SAP SDK and Web Service guarantees you constant, automated, end-to-end monitoring of every process, along with outstanding performance and accuracy.

Transform your automotive
supply chain with our DMP platform

Rationalize your SAP ERP processes for fast deployment and to manage business complexity. The Dedicated DMP services platform offers integrated solutions for the international automotive supply chain to improve product logistics and customer service management.

Transforming mechanical
industry with DMP

Compete effectively in the new digital machinery and industrial components markets by integrating your SAP ERP system with our DMP platform: you will be able to guarantee short order lead times, standardized logistics and better data availability for your sales force.

Transforming pharmaceutical
industry with DMP

Achieve greater innovations for health and quality of life by improveing customer collaboration, asset and financial management across the public and private sectors by integrating your SAP ERP system with the Dedicated DMP platform.

Transform medical care
with DMP

The medical care sector focuses on improving the management of product lifecycles, from Research & Development activities through pilot programmes to production on a national and international scale. Integrate your SAP ERP system with Dedicated DMP technology into a complete digital platform to allow you to be more flexible with your innovative services.

Transforming Retail
with DMP

Integrate your SAP system into the DMP platform to connect personnel, suppliers, and digital assets in real time. You will be able to exploit the benefits of digital transformation across all logistics processes, from warehouseing to distribution management.

Compliance Archiving

Compliance archiving of documents

Ensure all your documents from EDI, Peppol and e-Invoicing are included in the relevant compulsory regulatory archiving processes through our DMP platform. This service can be modified to accommodate customized processes.

In Italy

Compliance archiving or “Conservazione Sostitutiva of documents became a legal requirement for the most widely used electronic files, business ledgers, and records in the Italian market in 2019. Let DMP take care of this for you.

Customized Integrations

DMP for Logistics and transportation management

Our highly flexible microservices allow us to offer several integration scenarios that ensure maximum reliability, security and performance.

Let us automate all your logistics and freight processes with our Dedicated Digital Microservices Platform (DMP) so you can focus on your business.


A network of opportunities

Rapidly ramp up your network of relationships, opportunities and performance.
Improve your Vendor Rating. Penetrate new international markets. Satisfy your most demanding clients. Optimize the performance of your supply chains.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Get started with EDI for greater international competitiveness and to leverage global supply chains.

Peppol Access Point

Our Peppol Access Point facilitates your transactions with European Public Administrations and more.


Access an integrated electronic invoicing solution fully compliant with national and international standards.

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