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Platform and services / Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Digital integration as a service

EDI, our full outsourcing service powered by Dedicated, supports you in penetrating new markets, renovating your business processes, ensuring company sustainability and leveraging technological changes.

No limits
to growth

Offering a global network of connections, competencies and experience across several industries, including Automotive, Retail, Food, Fashion, OEM, Transport, Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical.

Familiarity with the most widely used international format standards

Access to the principal global interchange networks

Direct management of end-to-end communication protocols

24-hour monitoring and transaction traceability

Guaranteed continuity

Digital Microservices Platform (DMP) was developed to enable businesses to strive for excellence at the highest market levels, knowing that their objectives for stability and security are amply met.

An EDI service integrated the DMP platform to ensure data protection and transaction certainty.

Excellent response times and flexible incorporation of the latest technologies to enable alignment with differing business practices and regulatory requirements around the world.

Our dedicated competence centre supervises and updates interchange services (EDI AS2, AS4, OFTP2, FTPs, sFTP, X400 protocols).

Explore the
DMP platform

We strive to create value by pooling our resources, relationships, energies, technologies and know-how both within and beyond the enterprise.

Manage EDI with DMP, a distributed and collaborative microservices platform that will transform your business processes.

A network of opportunities

To fully exploit DMP’s potential, discover the Peppol and e-Invoicing services, as well as accessory integrations within the platform.

Peppol Access Point

Our Peppol Access Point facilitates your transactions with European Public Administrations and more.


Access an integrated electronic invoicing solution fully compliant with national and international standards.


A customizable solution you can rely on, thanks to its many accessory services, from direct integration with ERP systems to the compliance archiving (i.e. “conservazione sostitutiva” under Italian regulations) of documents.

An EDI partner you can rely on


A state-of-the-art infrastructure certified at international level and designed to grow with your business


We incorporate ODETTE OFTP2-certified software components as well as other ODETTE-recognized Certification Authorities’ digital approvals.

AS2 Drummond

We use software components certified by the AS2 Drummond Group.

Your IT department will thank you

Digital transformation is inevitable for survival. However, many companies still receive orders, proposals, and invoices via e-mail and PDF. By digitalizing your business activities using EDI standards (OFTP2, AS2), you will be able to identify new opportunities and exploit automation for competitive advantage.

A dedicated range of skills

A team of experts in EDI technology and business processes will support you in gaining experience with Electronic Data Interchange. We are familiar with the main international standards (EDIFACT, VDA, ODETTE, ANSI X12 and many others) and their application within several industries.

More than 20 years of SAP experience

We collaborate with medium- and large-sized companies that are major players in international markets and have complex businesses. We have developed DMP to manage the movement of files and to handle processes between SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA for our customers.

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